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Solarstone & Orkidea - Zeitgeist
Click here to go to the Solaris page and buy this release including remixes from Dennis Sheperd, Tom Cloud, Tasadi and Smashi
Solarstone ft Bill McGruddy - Is There Anyone Out There?
Click here to go to the Solaris page and buy this release inc. Nude Mix, Matvey Emersion & Solarstone pres. Smashing Atoms Mi
Solarstone - Touchstone Remixed
Click here to go to the Solaris page and buy this release inc. Estiva Remix, Electrovoya Remix, Abdomen Burst Remixes
Solarstone - Touchstone
Click here to go to the Solaris page and buy this release inc. Club Mix, Aly & Fila Remix, Forerunners Remix, Cassino & Laben Remix, Video Mix
Solarstone ft Bill McGruddy - Electric Love Remixed
Click here to go to the Solaris page and buy this release inc. Bottin Remixes & Royal Sapien Remixes
Solarstone ft Bill McGruddy - Electric Love
Click this link to goto Solaris page and buy this release

Original Club Mix, Rafael Frost Remix, Elfsong Remix
John 00 Fleming & Digital Blonde 00db Remix, Video Mix

Solarstone vs Orkidea - Slowmotion
Click this link to buy this release from Molecule Recordings

Renaissance, French Renaissance, Medway, Big Black Rat, Lowland, Ilya Malyuev & Video mixes.
Solarstone - Remodelled Vol 1
The Calling (Ram Remix)
Solarcoaster (Haris C Remix)

2nd Element - Underwaterfall
Gathering Storm
Solarstone ft Elizabeth Fields - Part Of Me
Extended Album Mix
Stellar Mix
Thrillseekers Remix, Thrillseekers Dub
Vlind Deep Dub
Solarstone ft. essence - Lunar Rings
Heatbeat Remixes
Tritonal Remixes
Santerna Remix & Prospekt Remix
Solarstone Extended Mix & Video Mix
Solarstone - Spectrum
Spectrum (Parts 1 & 2)
Spectrum (Duderstadt Remixes)
Spectrum (Santiago Nino Mix)
Spectrum (Album Version)
Solarstone - Eastern Sea
Original Mix, Photo Electric Remix
First State Mix, Martin Roth Remix
G&M Project Remix, Woody Van Eyden Remix
Alex M.O.R.P.H vs Scirocco Remix, Underwater Mix
Solarstone with Andy Duguid & Mr Sam - Hold My Breath
Original Mix
Andy Duguid Remix
Solarstone - 4ever
Original version.
Taken from the album 'Rain Stars Eternal'.
Full length club mix only available on Limited Edition Coloured Vinyl.
Solarstone - Rain Stars Eternal
Original Full Length Mix
Agnelli & Nelson Remix
Album Version
Solarstone & Alucard - Late Summer Fields
Deeper Sunrise Mixes
Ocot Remix
Andrey Burtaev Remix
Peter McCowan Mixes
Solarstone - The Calling 2007
Beetseekers Remix
Jonas Steur remix
Orkidea remix
Ambient Mix
Solarstone vs Scott Bond - Red Line Highway
Original Full Length Mix
Alucard's Route 44 Remix
Bobina Megadrive Remix
Yanave Club Mix
Solarstone vs Scott Bond - Naked Angel
Original Mix, Jussi Polet Remix,
Dynamic Sense Remix, Dj Dioxine,
John O' Callaghan Remix, Beetseekers Mix,
2 Human Djs Mix, SonOfAPitch Mix
Solarstone vs Scott Bond - 3rd Earth
Original Mixe
Marco V Mixes
Agnelli & Nelson Remix
Rare Intro Mix
Solarstone - Release
Original Mix plus remixes from:
Pavliga, Zehavi & Rand
Adam Nickey & Vadim Zhukov.
Solarstone - Destination
Original Mix, Intro mix plus previously unreleased
Dj Shah and Update Project remixes.
Solarstone & Jes - Like A Waterfall
Deeper Sunrise Mixes
Max Graham Mix
Flipside Ambient Mix
Gift & Kosta K Mixes
Solarstone - Solarcoaster
Original Mix plus all the remixes,
and a few bootleg version for good measure.
Solarstone - Seven Cities
All the officially released mixes,
plus rarities, unreleased versions and the
best of the bootlegs
Solarstone - Green Light
Original Mix plus unreleased 'Dj' version.
Solarstone - Impressions E.P
Day By Day (All the mixes)
So Clear (Sunship Freestyle Mix) & rarities
Originally released on Hooj in 1997.
Solarstone - The Calling
Inner Peace Mix
Still Waters Mix
Unreleased Remake.
Young Parisians - Obsession
Original Mixes
Escobar & Vito Remixes
Alex Monakhov Remixes
Young Parisians - Jump The Next Train
Featuring Ben Lost.
All the remixes.
Young Parisians - U Write The Rules
Original Mix
Radio Edit
Solarstone Remix
Z2 - Black Finished Chrome
Original Mix
Dj friendly version