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You confirm that you are purchasing the goods in your basket and that you will pay for these goods in full. If you have selected an offline order you confirm that it is your intention to purchase these goods and that you will dispatch payment without delay. Our terms and conditions may change at any time and you accept that it is your responsibility to check these prior to making a purchase.

We can be contacted by Email (

Product specifications:
All product specifications on this site are provided "as is".
Manufacturers are entitled to change product specifications without notice. insatiable records are not responsible for such changes, nor shall we be held responsible for any errors or omissions resulting from incorrect specification information. You should confirm that the product you are ordering has the specification you require and we cannot issue refunds or compensate for purchases made in error or because a product does not provide features/specification which you require or because the image on this or any site varies from the appearance of the product you purchase.

'LCD' are Limited CD Singles manufactured by us and are exclusive to this store. We use the highest quality Taiyo Yuden Glossy LCDs for our singles which are printed with full colour artwork at the highest quality possible. All CD Singles are supplied in clear plastic wallets. Please note, much as we would love to be able to sell 'traditional' CD Singles (in a plastic case with inlay cards) it is not economical to do this as titles sell in such tiny quantities (some titles sell 1 copy only). But we believe that there is still a demand for full quality audio on CD Singles, hence why we created in LCD.

Supply of goods:
Where more than one product has been ordered but not all are available for immediate supply, we may supply the available stock straight away and the remainder once it is available. If your order is conditional on all items being supplied, please specify this in the "additional comments" box at the point of purchase.

Non-supply of goods:
In the event that we are unable to supply ordered goods, Solarshop shall in no way be liable for any consequential loss incurred through delays in supply or failure to supply. No compensation shall be payable. All products are supplied subject to availability. We are not liable for any damages or inconvenience caused by actions or activities which are beyond our control including, but not limited to, lack of product availability from suppliers, damage caused through misuse or courier damage or defective manufacture of products which we supply.

Receipt of goods:
It is for you to ensure that the person who signs for the goods is entitled so to do. We cannot be held responsible for any loss incurred once delivery to the address you have specified has been made, nor are we responsible for the goods being accepted by the incorrect recipient at the receiving address.

Return of goods:
Goods may only be returned by specific prior arrangement and, excluding our error or if a manufacturing defect is discovered within the first 30 days, at your own cost.

Faulty goods:
All faulty products are subject to testing prior to repair or exchange. If no fault is present then we reserve the right to charge a testing fee and to charge for return carriage.

We reserve the right to change prices of products without notice. We are not responsible for pricing errors made and, where such an error occurs, Solarshop will not be liable to supply the goods at the erroneous price.

Special offers:
All offers are limited in supply and we reserve the right to withdraw these at any time. We cannot be held responsible if a special offer or any product is not available for supply after an order has been placed.

Order acknowledgment:
The order acknowledgement we send upon receipt of your order is not a guarantee of supply of any goods at any price. It merely confirms that your order has been received.

Damage liability:
We are not responsible for any damage or accident caused in the use of equipment purchased from us, including fire and other unforeseeable occurrences. If you wish to protect yourself against such incidents, we recommend you contact your household insurance provider.

Your order:
You confirm that any and all information you supply to us is accurate and correct and that you have read, understand and accept all our terms and conditions as outlined here.
You accept that any information you supply to us is subject to checking and approval to confirm its validity and that we may carry out any checks which we feel appropriate including, but not limited to, Credit Card address check and Voters' Roll Search.

Once goods are delivered you agree that you have accepted them and, once they have been opened and/or used, you acknowledge that they have been supplied in an acceptable condition and are satisfactory. This excludes issues which cannot be foreseen until such actions are taken including the discovery of a fault.
You must notify us within 10 days of our notification to you of dispatch, if your order has failed to arrive.

Postage Charges:
We do not profit from our postage charges, in fact, with international orders we usually lose money because Royal Mail keep putting up their bloody charges and we can't keep track. So please don't give us grief for charging 7.49 for tracked post of an album to the USA - it actually costs us nearly 10. We are no Amazon, we can't do free delivery so please don't take the piss by asking us to.

None of the above affects your statutory rights. Where the above conflicts with any overriding legislation, the overriding legislation shall be applied. If one aspect of this contract is found to be non-enforceable that shall not affect any other aspect of this contract.

Where goods are found to be faulty through manufacturing defect, within thirty days of your receiving them, we will either replace these or issue a refund at your discretion.